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About ICC Research

ICC Research is the research platform of ICC Consultants BV. ICC was founded in 1979 by Eddy Markus and provides companies with consultancy services for interest rate and currency risks. Eddy and his team of economists, analysts and political experts are committed full-time to the analysis of globally leading research. Examples include research by the OECD, the IMF, central banks, major US investment banks and independent research houses. They carefully assess the various arguments and views and specify the most likely scenarios. They always place themselves in the position of the decider and look three weeks to one year ahead.

Eddy Markus
Eddy Markus
Executive Director

Our publications are read by large and small investors, business owners, CEOs, CFOs, treasurers and people in the banking and insurance sector – by everyone who regularly has to make decisions on the hedging of market risks and is under permanent time pressure. We are fully geared towards supporting finance departments in an efficient and inexpensive way.

Clients who receive consultancy services from ICC Consultants have access to this platform free of charge. If you are not a client of ICC you can subscribe to the platform. Please contact us for the options or to request a free trial period.


'Nobody can predict the dollar or interest rates' is something we often hear. That is correct. The only problem is that this is of no use to you if you have to make decisions yourself – the uncertainty can carry a great deal of weight, certainly if such judgments could have a major financial impact. What do you do in this case?

The financial markets are highly complex. There is an increasing interaction between political, economic and market developments. If you are not involved with this on daily basis, it is almost impossible to continually keep up to date with all that develops. Various sources often arrive at different conclusions and you may lack the time to properly look into these and follow trends in a structured way. The experts at ICC devote 200 hours a week to this and ensure you are fully up to date within a 20-minute read.

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